We appreciate your visit at kungstobak.com – a snus-users’ heaven for those who appreciate fresh snus, a wide range and a devoted team who enjoy selling snus.

The shop at Kungsgatan 68 in Stockholm city was established in 1987 and has a rich and colorful history. Our main focus is snus, cigarettes and cigars – and our aim is to be the primary choice for all snus-enthusiasts who enjoy snus, regardless if uou stay around the corner, a block away, outside Stockholm, in another city or any other country on the planet Tellus.

In addition to the shop att Kungsgatan we also run the online-shop kungstobak.com, on which you are able to check out our wide and impressive range of snus-items and also order your favourite snus at your convenience. Our assortment comprices 42 brands and nearly 300 snus-items. Thanks to our two-channel sales (in the shop and online via the website), the turnover rate of the stock is high. That in turn enables us to guarantee that the snus you receive from Kungstobak is always fresh.

The snus-range and prices on the website are identical to the ones in our physical shop, with the minor difference that we only sell snus in whole columns (in Swedish we call that stock, in Finnish it is called torni). For the most items a column contains 10 cans, but for a few items a column contains only 5 cans. The number of cans in a column is specified for each item at the website. When the order value is 995 sek the freight cost is on us, and when less than 995 sek the cost (59 sek) for the transportation will be added. Snus and tobacco are strictly regulated and hence we only sell to persons at the minimum age of 18 years. And we deliver snus only to addresses in Sweden.

As for the payment-options on the website, we offer you for now payment via card (Visa, American Express and Mastercard) and Swish. Payment via Klarna may be incorporated in our business and may be introduced in due time, subject to the demand and requests from the customers. All orders are delivered by DHL to a DHL Service point, where you will be able to pick up your parcel after receiving a message from DHL.

For those who are planning a visit in Stockholm and do not have the time to stay in que in the shop for a long time, we offer the option to order online, make the payment and pick up the goods in our shop. In our shop at Kungsgatan you will also find various snus-accessories, cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and a few other various items. In our shop Kungsgatan it is certainly possible to order single cans of snus and not only whole packagings. When purchasing in the shop we offer you payment in cash, with card and Swish. We also accept cash-payment in EUR and US$.

As a conclusion of this short summary about our business we would like to mention that we think and hope that our wide range is sufficient to meet all demands and requests from our vast number of customers and fans. In case your favourite snus is missing or if you have any other feedback or request we would highly appreciate if you take the time and let us know. There is always room for improvements and hence we would appreciate your comment and feedback. Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone +46 (0)8 21 05 71, e-mail info@kungstobak.com or simply by paying us a visit at Kungsgatan.

Have a wonderful day and may the “Snus-Power” be with you!                     

The Snus Team at Kungsobak